"If a detail doesn't need to be there... it won't be."


Our philosophy

Simple, clean design is core to Mniml's identity.  If a detail doesn't need to be there... it wont be. 

With a Mniml product there are no visual distraction, there is no excess noise; everything defers to the function allowing you to form an uninterrupted connection to the product.

Mniml products demonstrate such subtle, calm, cohesive design consideration that there’s an irony in how loudly they scream quality.
— Ray Jamieson, Design Today Technical Blog

MNIML was founded in 2016 by Product Designer Grant Davidson.

Fascinated from a young age as to how products function; Grant embraced his passion for design by attaining a first class Product Design degree and going on to become one of the most highly qualified computer aided engineers worldwide.

Influenced by the functionalist design movement and design sensibility of designers such as Dieter Rams,  Grant takes a truly 'MNIML' approach to every design project but always with a focus of true functionality.