dawn : behind the pen

Dawns striking, coloured appearance is achieved through a careful two-stage, in house post process.


Abrasive Washing : 

Dawn is first rotationally 'washed' in specialised abrasive material.  This creates a highly tactile feel and adds a refined satin appearance.

As well as truly differentiating the feel and appearance of Scribe this step also acts to prepare it for the next step; adding the vivid colouration.


Heat Treatment :

When Stainless Steel is heated intensely it begins to change colour.  The resulting colour is dependant on the temperature used to treat the metal.

For Dawn we use temperatures ranging from 190°C to produce golden hues and up to 345°C to create the deep purples and blues.

Finally, to capture the desired colour range Scribe is quenched in high grade oil and left to cool.

There are no chemicals, dyes or inks used - only heat.